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When I was little, I was an avid reader. My favorite thing was to ride my bike to the library and get six or seven books (or as many as I was allowed). I would bring them home in my bike basket and place them in a stack next to a rickety chair in my Mom’s living room.

Dee Perconti and her collage.

I loved the way the piled up books looked and smelled. It excited me to get into each one and discover! I would read for hours on end, until my mom told me to go play and get some fresh air!I read everything. When I was about nine, I read a Eugene O’Neill play. That opened a whole new world for me. I loved the scripted dialogue and the way the reader had to imagine the characters and what they looked like, because descriptions were very sparse. I believe that concise style of writing led me to study Journalism and to do some amateur acting.

ChairChair. Mixed Media.

The chair in this mixed media collage is a stylized version of my reading chair, where I spent so much time. The many flowers in brilliant colors and varying sizes represent all the new ideas that bloomed in my young mind.

I long to find time when I can curl up in a chair with a hard bound book. I miss that dearly.

The Chair is at the Morean Arts Center until August 18th @ 719 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL, then it will be at the Mirella Cimato Gallery at Opera Central until the end of August @ 2145 1st Avenue  South.

Dee Perconti at Morean Art Centre

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