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Cayman Dreamin’

Dee and Dona

Twenty years ago, we saw a promotion that if you sat through a several hour Timeshare presentation, you would be given a $100 gift certificate. That really appealed to my thrifty self.

My husband Sal said it sounded excruciating but I worked my feminine wiles and we went. We both adamantly agreed before we walked in that we would most certainly NOT be investing in a timeshare!

The timeshare turned out to be Morritt’s in Grand Cayman which is a gorgeous resort on the Caribbean Sea. Sal had always wanted to scuba dive so he became very interested. Bottom line, we did invest and it enriched our lives hugely.

We spend 4 or 5 weeks every year in Cayman paradise. Everything you have heard is true: the water is turquoise blue and clear, the Cayman breezes are like kisses on your face, the food is fresh and the Caymanian people are the sweetest.

Cayman Dreaming

Grand Cayman has become our second home. This is the only place we truly relax. I can see my husband recharging there. He finds diving soothing to his soul. He has completed more than 600 dives over the years and also is part of a program to save the Cayman reefs by killing lion fish who are predators. (The lion fish went unchecked in the Bahamas and devastated the reefs).

Sal also has become quite expert in underwater photography. I use his photos in some of my mixed media collages.

For me, Grand Cayman is a place of peace. It is where I met my dear friend Donna Mitchell. She teaches incredible classes in yoga which heal your body and your soul. When I first met herDee and Dona I was stressed and riddled with tight muscles from face to my feet. She taught me to BREATHE. I credit her with improving my health in a very significant way.

She is also one of a handful of people trained in the Burdenko water therapy method. She leads classes in the Burdenko method on the Island also which is an amazing opportunity for us.

Which leads me to the title of my mixed media collage, Cayman Dreamin’.

This is a true story. Because of Donna I have learned how to lower my blood pressure by deep breathing. When I have a speech to give or even when the Doctor takes my BP, I close my eyes and dream of the sand and water and breeze. And I breathe. It calms me every time, no matter what the situation is. I do Cayman dreamin’ when I am seeking peace and tranquility. I can actually feel my body and spirit relax.

Another word about Donna Mitchell. You have seen her photo on this web site. She surprised me and flew in from Grand Cayman for the opening night of the Duetto art show at the Mirella Cimato Gallery in May! Can you imagine?! I could never ask for a better friend. I must admit, my blood pressure probably spiked when I saw her! Best surprise ever.

So I did most of this collage at Morritts in the Caymans. In my suitcase were 3 bathing suits and a pile of ripped up canvas from my old paintings. The colors are meant to be both soothing and invigorating. I am in heaven when I am making art there.

We are headed to our home away from home in November. Until then I will close my eyes and dream.

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