The process of art making is one of the aspects of my creative journey. I am a teacher and a public speaker. I work with children and adults in our community.

Workshops and Teaching

I was honored to be invited to schools to talk with students about art and teach mixed-media classes. Interaction with kids brings me lots of joy and I see that they love to discover different mediums and try new approaches to art.

I also work with local churches. Through collaging and collaboration, the entire congregation can come together. I worked with people of Central Christian Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church and others, conducting workshops and classes.

Being part of the St. Petersburg community is important to me. Prior to the pandemic, as part of Bella Unica Art Gallery, I gave interactive collage classes to the guests of the historic Vinoy Hotel, in downtown St. Pete, where people from all over the world worked together collaging different pieces of art. It was my way of sharing the spirit of St. Pete with others.

Public Speaking

I am a passionate advocate for human rights and the rights of children. My family supports several cultural and charitable organizations. I’ve been a consultant and volunteer for St. Pete Glitter Queens, and a board member for organizations such as Creative Clay, St. Pete Opera Company, and others.

In August 2022, I became the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Rapha International. I’ve been speaking for years on behalf of Rapha International and the dangers of children human trafficking here in Tampa Bay and internationally, building awareness, educating adults, and finding solutions on what we can do to make positive change.

Through my art and voice, I want to raise attention to the issues of this world and play a small part in making it a safer and joyful place.

Contact me to book a workshop or invite me to speak at your organization.