“Dee Perconti’s art moves me. One of the most recent paintings literally brought me to tears. Her pure heart comes through her art and you will want to keep seeing it with your eyes and feeling it with your heart.”

– Jennifer H. Carey, Ed.S, LMHC


“Dee Perconti’s art moves you and makes you feel deeply connected to the paint on the canvas. When you look at her art you will get different waves of emotion flooding over you all at the same time. Her style is very unique and has changed with her over time. Whether she is painting golden western landscapes or designing new art, by tearing pieces from art she no longer identifies with, her art will capture you and take you to another place.”

– Kyle Hickey


“Dee’s work is inspiring and innovative with bold colors that can’t help but evoke feeling. I would highly recommend this work to anyone who wants robust, eye catching art that will bring joy into every moment.”

– Karen Kalis


“I have known Dee Perconti for 14 years now and have had several pieces of her beautiful art in my home. In 2016 she had a collage show in St. Petersburg and her pieces were just amazing, her work with texture and color is fantastic. She is a genius with her ideas. She gave me a piece of her work of a man kneeling and praying and it is called “hope.” I do feel hopeful when I look at it. The colors are bright and beautiful and I have it my new room. Every time I walk by it I stop and look as it is just incredibly peaceful to look at. Her collage work is by far the best I have ever seen. I’ve never known anyone in my life that is as full of love as is Dee Perconti. Her art explodes with love, happiness and hope… everything good in life is I what I seen when I look at her work.”

– Sallie B. Devine


“Dee’s art is luscious – even decadent. It engages all the senses and takes you on a untamed tour of your imagination, where rules can be broken and swirling colors and tempting textures make you grateful to be embodied.”

– Dayna Wood, REAT, Founder of Integrative Counsel