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The Fabric of Our Lives

Material Girls


I’m obsessed with beautiful fabrics. I love to stare at them, touch them, and wear them.  There is nothing like the feel of silk, cashmere or chiffon. I have always delighted in fine fabrics from the time I was a child.  And now I am making art with them!

Two wonderful friends from the fashion world, Nancy Schwartz and Ryan McGhee, have generously given me stacks of gorgeous swatches and samples of materials to work with. The fabrics are luscious. The colors are incredible. There are blues and reds and greens that are so stunning that they make your eyes water.  I have dozens of pieces of material with raised textures and incredible designs. I’ve never seen such glorious fabric.

Material Girl Dee Perconti

I couldn’t wait to do something with all this treasure.  So I did what I always do.  I collaged! “Material Girls” was born.  In each of these paintings, I incorporate a female in some way, but the real story is the use and combination of fabrics.  When I go to my studio I’m drawn to certain fabrics – they just seem to put themselves together.  Then I see where the girls fit in.

Collaging with fabric is different from working with canvas or paper. For one thing, it frays!  But it is so worth it. The feel of it delights me.  The way the different textures bounce off each other is intriguing.

Material Girls by Dee Perconti

I’m thrilled that the St. Pete First Art Collective, 212 3rd St N, St. Petersburg, FL will be showing “Material Girls ” at their spectacular Gilbert Chapel Gallery. The opening reception is June 9th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Come and talk to me about this collage technique using fabric.  It is the most satisfying work I’ve done.

I will be donating 50% of the proceeds from my art show to Rapha House safe houses where child victims of trafficking are loved and healed.





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