Preparing For The Big Show
Preparing For The Big Show
May 5, 2017
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July 12, 2017
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Feeling The Love

Duetto Art Show

Finally I’ve had time to catch my breath and process the Opening of my art show, “Duetto,” which was on May 13th. This is what I discovered.  It was a defining moment in my life. I learned something very important.   IT WAS NOT ABOUT THE ART.   IT WAS ABOUT LOVE!

Duetto Art Show

Dee Perconti Art Show

Duetto Art Show

Dee Perconti is talking about art

Mirella Cimato with artists
Linda Roberts, Mirella Cimato, Dee Perconti

It was all about 300 people taking their valuable time to come to Mirella Cimato’s gorgeous gallery, at Opera Central, to see my work. It was about them commenting how my art made them feel, what colors or techniques vibrated for them. It was about them wanting to know the stories behind the paintings and what inspired me. It was about my sweet husband, Sal, hanging the entire show after playing in a three-day Pro Stop Racquetball Tournament… and winning gold!  He tirelessly worked for hours to give me that gift of love.

And what about Natalie Velez who took photographs of the event for 4 hours, when she had dozens of things to do because it was graduation weekend for her daughter.  That was love. And then there was my friend Donna who traveled from Grand Cayman to support me!  Can you imagine a friendship like that? And my friend Sallie, who stayed until we closed and told everyone how much she loves my art.  And Chris, who made her famous chicken salad and brownies. And Dayna, who started me on this path.

It was about my beautiful family: Aubree, Colt, Emilee, Nick, Nola, Isla, Brian Jr. and Victoria. They brought flowers and rooted for my success.

Finally, it was about doing the show with Linda Roberts, who was the other part of Duetto.

I could name so many more.  I’ll stop now, before I sound like I’m accepting an academy award!!!

So when someday I think about this show, I’ll think about the sights – how the gallery looked with vibrant colors, shapes, lighting, flowers and food, and the people everywhere.

But what will remain with me was the feeling.  Love was everywhere and I was feeling it.


Mark your calendar! Come to one of my events and say Hi!



  1. Beautiful article and I agree it is about the love and all the wonderful people who participated to make this a successful art show. A special thanks to my good friend, Dee who I got to share a memory of a lifetime by being the other DUETTO.

  2. Natalie says:

    What a beautiful article Dee. Duetto was a huge success!

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