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October 21, 2020
Adamo Ed Eva
Adamo Ed Eva
December 10, 2020
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Creative Clay. Equality Through Art.


My goal in art is to show how we are ever-growing, evolving, and transforming. My message is always about optimism and hope. That is why I am so attracted to the work of Creative Clay Artists. Their mission is to help people with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives through access to the arts, by providing expressive, educational and vocational experiences. Creative Clay’s team of professional artists provides outreach art experiences to people with disabilities, as well as children, veterans and those in shelters.

I was very honored to be named an Art Oracle and to support their 2020 Virtual Holiday Shoppe and Silent Auction.

Here are my selections for Creative Giving Holiday Shoppe and Silent Auction.

Beauty In the Forest, by Marquise R.

Beauty In the Forest, by Marquise R.

A longtime favorite artist of mine, Marquise has the ability to grab the viewer’s soul. Beauty in the Forest is ethereal, intriguing, dreamy but strong. His use of white and black to bounce off the soft colors increases the drama.  I need to know the story of this Beauty.

My Mother, by Lindsay J

My Mother, by Lindsay J.

The subject of this painting is a dear friend of mine. It’s remarkable how Lindsay captured her mother’s essence!  Those huge brown eyes are filled with compassion and love and some pain. The enormous smile depicts steadfast courage and faith and optimism, even during difficult times. Most of all, Lindsay expresses the dynamic energy and heart of this Mom.

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