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October 21, 2020
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The Opening Reception of Metallica

The Opening Reception of my solo show Metallica was exactly how I envisioned it.  Musician Colt Clark was rocking out, there was a table piled with decadent food,  a raffle area to win two St. Pete Opera tickets, coupons to local restaurants, and a Rapha House donation and information area, manned by Natalie Velez and Sal Perconti who have visited the Rapha House safe houses.

AND there was a big crowd of art lovers all evening!   If it sounds like a lot going on, there was.  That was precisely how I wanted it. The controlled chaos suited my exhibition.  Each piece was entirely different and used diverse materials.  When you look at my collages you will see bureau pulls that became a horse’s mane, washers that are a ballet dancer’s belt, screws and bolts and belt parts, fabrics and copper plate, jewelry and embroidery from a pair of jeans that all formed the art. I really loved using gold nails and hardware in my work too. They made the art pop.

The juxtaposition of the metals, and the sun shining through the delicate pastel stained glass of the  Gilbert Chapel Gallery at First United Methodist Church, was pretty spectacular.  No collage was framed the same either.  The feedback we got was that the show was different and exciting. There were energy and a buzz happening. It certainly wasn’t boring.

We also tried something new that our Gallery visitors really enjoyed. On the title cards, there was a line or two of the backstory of the work.  This was very helpful because I couldn’t possibly explain each piece to so many people and they didn’t need to ask me.

I must say that being invited to have a solo show TWICE at the Gilbert Gallery by Gina White and her St. Pete First Art Collective is an absolute honor and joy. And to have Sue Rowe curate is the icing.

Maybe in a few years, there will be a Three-peat!  I can only hope.

All the proceeds their donated to Rapha House.

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