About Dee PercontiDee Perconti with her painting “Sophorn and Friends”

I make art to show how we are ever growing, changing, evolving and transforming. It’s a message of optimism and hope. Life is exciting, vibrant and full of second chances. That’s why I utilize my old paintings as do-overs. They have another opportunity to say something new and relevant. When I ripped up a still life from the past, it transformed into a statement against child trafficking (The Freeing Of Lauren Nicole). 

My collages have minds of their own.  They take me where they want to go. I can’t control them, which keeps me enthralled. 


Dee Perconti CollageThe Freeing Of Lauren Nicole

Dee Perconti is a collage artist whose focus is dramatic transformation. Her passion for change began when she was an awkward, unattractive child. She worked hard on recreating herself and is still evolving. She enjoys taking something plain and redoing it, until it shines. Redecorating and re-purposing gives her joy. 

One of her favorite memories is of a sweet college roommate who woke up in the morning looking like someone’s homely little brother.  Her figure had no shape, her eyes were small and squinty, she had thin lips and limp hair. Then the transformation began!

Before Dee’s eyes, this young girl put in contact lenses, bronzed her face, drew full lips and teased her hair into a splendid mane.  And somehow, she got curves!  She went on to win beauty contests and was a TV spokesperson for an airline.

So the fascination with dramatic transformation was reinforced.

This has translated into her art. Dee takes her old paintings and rips, cuts, tears and combines them.  She takes something boring or plain, and gives it a new life.  Vibrant, completely changed, in-your-face emotional collages are born. The colors are explosive. They are unafraid, quirky, lush and totally transformed.  They have been given a do-over.

Dee and SophornOne of the influences on Dee’s art is her advocacy work for Rapha House. Rapha House is an organization that rescues, loves and heals little girls who have been victims of human trafficking. The average age of the girls at the Rapha safe houses is 12. Because of Rapha House, these children have been transformed and given a second chance at life. To see the resiliency of the human spirit and how the kids bounce back from the most horrific abuse, is miraculous.  Dee’s passion is to help the children of Rapha House in any way she can. Contact her at if you want to become involved.  It has been her joy for 6 years to see the girls blossom, and become more secure and love again. The RH kids confirm her strong belief that there are beautiful second chances in life.  Her collage  “Sophorn and Friends” uses a photograph of a rescued RH girl who is a true success story.  

Another influence on Dee’s art was her four years at All Children’s Hospital making art at children’s bedsides.  She saw transformations every time.  Some children were so ill, they were vomiting, but when they started drawing or painting, they would stop. Some kids were depressed (most were taking chemotherapy), but laughed and played when they picked up a crayon and created something wonderful. Most times, hospital bedside art was happy and bright. Other kids were totally bored, but became delighted when they learned something new like collage or printmaking. Perconti’s message is one of hope and optimism. She believes we can always have a do-over.

She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with the love of her life, her husband Sal.  Dee is blessed with a huge family she adores. 

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